Los Angeles county Hot Mopping Service

The L.A. County has such great opportunity for the hot mop shower pan industry. The never ending amount of bathroom remodels as homes get older and older, or new developers come in to develop larger projects. Most contr... Read more

Serving the Orange County with the best hot mop services for Shower Pans

When it comes time for your next hot mop shower pan, call someone you can depend on! here at Ojeda Shower Pans we can get your shower pan done with our next day service scheduling. We service all areas and have expanded ... Read more

The Hot Mop Shower is Done. How do you protect it?

So your hot mop pan is done. The tar from the hot mop has cooled down and contractors will be working in the area near the shower pan. What do you as a contractor or homeowner do if anything to protect the hot mop? I w... Read more

Linear Style Drain Installation for Hot Mop Shower Pans

What is the proper preparation of installing a Linear style drain for hot mop shower pans? When planning on a linear or Infinity style drain the same theory is applied as any other hot mop drain. The only change is that ... Read more

Is the any alternative to Hot Mopping a shower?

No! ...but that's just my sense of humor There are several different ways to waterproof a shower from Vinyl Liners or surface coatings. The truth is no matter which method you decide it will take a trained person to ins... Read more

Why Should You Hire a Licensed Hot Mopper?

Many Job sites today have unlicensed contractors do work just to stay in their parameters of a "lower Budget". This is a very unthoughtful risk. Homeowners should ask themselves, what if the person I hire is involved in ... Read more

When to Hot Mop a Shower Pan?

Have you discovered a leaky shower pan? Is it time for an update on that old bathroom? Maybe it's time for a room addition. Whatever the case a new shower should be built to last. Hot Mop showers have been the standard i... Read more

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