Many Job sites today have unlicensed contractors do work just to stay in their parameters of a “lower Budget”. This is a very unthoughtful risk. Homeowners should ask themselves, what if the person I hire is involved in an accident on my property? The consequences can put your home and family at risk. What if this person causes damage to my home? Will the person you hire have the money or insurance to handle your claim? Often the unlicensed contractor will try to run from the problem knowing that you cannot report him to authorities because you are having illegal work done to your home.

When hiring a Hot Mop Shower Pan installer ask yourself if the unlicensed Hot Mopper is worth the $50 savings? Think of your project as a whole. In grand scheme of things a small savings can cost you thousands of dollars. Especially since a properly built shower pan is designed to protect your tile, stone and home from water damage. Feel comfortable about the person you hire. Here at Ojeda Shower Pans, we carry workers comp and general liability insurance certificates for everyone’s peace of mind.

For a Licensed Hot Mopper Call Ojeda Shower Pans @ 1-888-544-1644

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