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There are several different ways to waterproof a shower from Vinyl Liners or surface coatings. The truth is no matter which method you decide it will take a trained person to install.

While most shower remodelers might average 1-2 showers per week, some might only have 1 shower a month between all their other projects: floors, countertops, backsplashes or other projects.

When your preferred method of waterproofing is Hot Mop you will get a company that will average 20-40 hot mop shower pans in a day! Yes, that’s right. When calling a shower pan company our specialty is waterproofing showers. That’s what we do all day, everyday. It’s how we make a living. Ask yourself what experience would you prefer? A company that specializes in waterproofing or a sub-contractor trying to go at waterproofing themselves? The decision can be detrimental and it can cost you many thousands of dollars if your shower pan fails.

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