Have you discovered a leaky shower pan? Is it time for an update on that old bathroom? Maybe it’s time for a room addition. Whatever the case a new shower should be built to last. Hot Mop showers have been the standard in the waterproofing industry for many years.

When prepping your shower pan for a hot mop you must keep in mind that having it prepped right is an easy task. Demo must be complete and taken down to the original structure, 2×10 blocking placed “in between” the studs will enable the hot mop to roll up the walls. The curb height for hot mopping a shower pan should consist of a minimum height of three 2×4’s and sometimes four 2×4’s. Hot mop drains are two piece drains that clamp together with a upper and lower flange which act as a gasket.

With unexpected things in construction we ask that you have your shower pan prepped and ready for your hot mopper before you call to make your appointment.

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Hot Mop Your Shower Pan

…. and Make it Last Forever

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